Age Reversing Is the Future

If you haven’t heard about David Sinclair, you need to watch the podcast he did on Joe Rogan Experience. He talked about some cutting edge research that he and his colleagues are doing in the age reversing industry and how they were able to grow the retina of a blind mouse. That’s some trippy thing because right now, if someone’s retina is damaged or if they are born blind, it is almost impossible to bring back their vision.

Retina implants (if those things even exist) will probably run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. And obviously not everyone will be able to afford it.

But with what David is doing, he says that it will be so cheap that nobody in the world will have to be blind.

And not just that, he also talked about how if someone breaks their spine, with the research he is doing, if it is successful, they will be able to regrow the spine or at least fix it to the point where the person will be able to resume normal function in his body.

How cool is that?

Another surprising part is that all the supplements that he himself has been taking, his father has been taking them too. And all his friends passed away but he is still alive and doing great. In fact, he just started a new career and also went around the world on a vacation.

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